Plasma Cloud PAX1800v2 802.11ax Wifi 6 Access Point

The PAX1800 is a 2×2 universal 802.11ax cloud-managed WiFi access point with simultaneous dual streams 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios. It can be powered by 802.3at PoE or a 12-24V power adapter.

The PAX1800 supports a high volume of simultaneous users, making it perfect for dense deployments. Install the PAX1800 almost anywhere, indoors and out, with the included universal installation kit.

The Plasma Cloud AP Cloud Management license is included and free

Please note the Mesh functionality on this v2 model (more RAM) will be available with the release of the firmware version 4


The PAX1800 is a 802.11ax (Wifi 6) cloud-managed WiFi access point with simultaneous dual streams 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios. The PAX1800 includes hardware watchdog, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB port. The PAX1800 can be powered by standard 802.3at (30W) PoE or by a 12-24V power adpater

The PAX1800 is water and dust resistant with an IP55 rating, and incorporate advanced features such as Mesh, Automatic Channel selection, Multiple SSIDs, Captive portal,…


Plasma Cloud’s universal solution for almost any setup. With dual band & dual stream 802.11ax WiFi in a compact weather resistant housing the PAX1800 may serve as office or hotel WiFi backbone, coffee shop hotspot and outdoor WiFi extension.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows to supply a device with power and data over a single Ethernet cable connection. This reduces installation cost and effort for locations without available power lines. Furthermore, when connected to a Plasma Cloud PoE switch, PoE allows to centrally manage & monitor the power supply.


Ethernet Ports

The 2 provided Ethernet ports allow for maximum flexibility: one port can be used as wired uplink while the other port serves as LAN access for other wired devices. Each Ethernet port comes with a smart uplink detection to automatically determining whether a port should be uplink or provide LAN access.

Mounting Options

Regardless where to place the access points – on a wall, ceiling grid, pole, outdoors – the installer kit included with every Access Point facilitates the installation. Easily pluggable mounting options got you covered for every scenario.

Additional information
Weight0,6 kg
Dimensions20 × 19 × 6 cm