Open Mesh makes WiFi & networks smarter and simpler.

Fire up your networks.

The first line of defense.

Open Mesh helps create powerful, easy-to-use wireless networks that automatically spread Internet connections throughout hotels, apartments, retail stores, restaurants, small and medium-sized businesses—and just about anywhere else.

Everything you need to deploy professional wireless networks across one site or thousands: a modular platform of access points and indoor and outdoor enclosures for easy, professional installation; CloudTrax, a free cloud-based network controller that can manage an unlimited number of access points and networks, Cloud-managed switches to power up your deployments; and a Gigabit router for a complete wireless solution.

Wireless networks for any use.

Easy-to-install indoor products paired with optional cloud solution for enterprise-type networks for hotel, storefront, or easy to setup corporate WiFi.

Outdoor wireless backhaul for broadband wireless network with a powerful line of outdoor products and antennas.

And a Cloud controller to monitor and manage all wireless devices at a low cost.

Cloud security platform and threat intelligence.

Cisco Umbrella is a secure internet gateway that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go. Our global infrastructure handles over 120 billion internet requests a day, which our security engine analyzes to learn where attacks are being staged even before the first victim is hit.