Smarter, Simpler Networks

Cloud-managed networks that simply work

Open Mesh helps you deploy professional, secure wired and wireless networks across one site or thousands, from a single cloud-based dashboard with no licensing fees.

     150,000+ active networks

     31 million clients monthly

       Since 2007

Centralized cloud management for one site or thousands

CloudTrax is a robust portal that enables pros to deploy and manage networks with no recurring license fees.

  • Save time and money with easier deployments and no licensing fees
  • Get the power you need with intuitive cloud management, robust security and captive portal functionality
  • Rest easy with reliability designed to prevent truck rolls with scheduled updates, auto failover, and hardware watchdog

Cloud management makes it easy to deploy, scale, and manage networks from anywhere.

  • Easily scale from a single access point to thousands across multiple locations with nothing to configure on site
  • Customize unique public and private networks with 4 SSIDs per network
  • Get over-the-air ongoing updates and feature enhancements with scheduled maintenance that minimizes disruptions
  • Free lifetime cloud license included with hardware

Manage and monitor your networks in real time. Even on the go.

  • A single pane of glass provides full visibility to the entire network: access points, switches, users, and devices (including operating system, nearest AP, connection performance and more)
  • Get full control of your network as you switch seamlessly between the full web version and the free iOS and Android apps
  • Monitor bandwidth and deep packet inspection
  • Control access with upload and download throttles or block abusers
  • Receive automated outage emails to alert you when a device is down
  • For switches, remotely power cycle ports, set VLANS and PoE budgets, view power consumption and more

Integrate to the tools you love and customize your WiFi for an experience your users will love.

  • Design the user experience with a built-in WYSIWYG splash page editor with mobile-friendly templates
  • Set pay-for-use options and collect secure payments through PayPal
  • Enable customers to check in using Facebook WiFi
  • Generate unique WiFi vouchers in real time
  • RESTful API to integrate with your SaaS applications or custom software
  • Connect to a third-party captive portal or advertising platform, or use GuestTrack to integrate with a hotel property management system

The security you deserve and the reliability your users demand.

  • No user traffic is sent to the cloud
  • Built-in firewall prevents users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network
  • CloudTrax lives in secure and reliable data centers backed by Datto and AWS with global distribution and over 99.9% uptime
  • If a device loses connection, your networks aren’t affected; when a connection is re-established, devices will check in to report usage and download any updates
  • Robust user management with two-factor authentication and audit logging of every change made in CloudTrax

Easily customize CloudTrax to be your own networking solution.

  • Add your company name, contact info, logo, colors and more for a seamless customer experience
  • Use your full domain
  • Customize Open Mesh switches and access points for a completely branded solution from hardware to cloud management
  • Make your brand the star of the show with no competing messages

Archivage des Logs de Trafic 

Déployez des réseaux en conformité avec la loi française anti-terroriste du 23 janvier 2006 qui impose de conserver pendant 1 an les logs de trafic des accès WiFi ouverts au public.

Cette option sous abonnements 1, 3 ou 5 ans comprend l’archivage et la supervision quotidienne de réception des logs de trafic.


Open Mesh – One Pager

Simply smart WiFi

Eliminate the cost and complexity of deploying and managing WiFi across one site or thousands.

  • Save time and money with easier deployments and no licensing fees
  • Get the power you need with intuitive cloud management, robust security and captive portal functionality
  • Rest easy with reliability designed to prevent truck rolls with scheduled updates, auto failover, and hardware watchdog

Scan an access point. Plug it in. It’s up and running.

  • Zero-touch configuration for one access point or thousands
  • Flexible mounting for installs indoors and out
  • Secure public and private networks created in seconds
  • Automatic channel configuration
  • Self-forming, self-healing encrypted mesh with automatic failover for coverage in hard to reach places

Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

  • Centralized cloud-based management from a web browser or mobile app—no onsite controllers
  • Detailed views of networks, access points, switches, and clients all in one place
  • Automatic alerts when access points go offline
  • Limit bandwidth, reboot devices and block clients in a single click
  • RADIUS, HTTPAuth and Facebook WiFi integration
  • Powerful captive portal with easy splash page editing
  • Full APIs to integrate with your custom in-house or third-party applications
  • Free for the life of the product

Your network keeps running . . . no matter what.

  • Scheduled maintenance to minimize disruptions
  • Safe over-the-air upgrades
  • Hardware watchdog chip to recover from power issues and reduce truck rolls
  • Out-of-band management to eliminate bottlenecks and maintenance of on-site controllers
  • Redundant hosting for 99.99% cloud uptime
  • Automatic failover to a healthy access point if another access point fails

Install access points wired to the internet and add additional units that only require power to extend your coverage.

  • Extend your network to the furthest reaches of your property cable-free
  • Eliminate dead spots
  • Easily scale up your network by adding additional access points
  • The same access point can be used as either a gateway wired to the internet, or a repeater plugged into power without configuration

Look inside the A Series

  1.  Universal, weather-resistant housing
  2.  Replaceable center tab for custom branding
  3.  Nine-color LED for simplified status indication
  1. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports (one 802.3af PoE)
  2. Dual flash partitions for safe over-the-air upgrade
  3. Hardware watchdog for automatic recovery
  1. Innovative antenna design for extended dual-band coverage
  2. Qualcomm Atheros chipset
  3. USB 2.0 port for future expandability

Install anywhere in 3 minutes

A modular WiFi approach that includes everything you need for flexible mounting options inside or out. Simplify deployment planning and inventory management with an access point that goes anywhere and everywhere.

Make it your own with Custom Branding

With no competing brand messages, your brand remains the central focal point and hero to your customers. Systems integrators, resellers, and IT consultants benefit from best-in-class networks, branded as your own.

  • Boxes and access points are free of logos or other branding
  • Custom brand the cloud controller with your logo and colors
  • Design a box sleeve to brand the packaging
  • Add a sticker
  • On the A Series, add a sticker or deboss your logo into the blank center tab

Archivage des Logs de Trafic 

Déployez des réseaux en conformité avec la loi française anti-terroriste du 23 janvier 2006 qui impose de conserver pendant 1 an les logs de trafic des accès WiFi ouverts au public.

Cette option sous abonnements 1, 3 ou 5 ans comprend l’archivage et la supervision quotidienne de réception des logs de trafic.

Find the right access point for you


OM Series Access Points
A Series Access Points

Smarter, simpler switching

Simplify more of the network with cloud-managed switches.

  • Control from Anywhere with complete cloud management to build, manage and monitor wired networks from any browser or mobile device.
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Open Mesh access points for more visibility into your network through a single pane of glass.
  • Scale Painlessly with zero-touch deployments so you can configure switches from anywhere.

Zero-touch deployments at any scale

  • Configure any switch from any browser
  • Simply connect to power and internet and the rest is automated
  • Easily deploy, scale, and support mission-critical networking

Build and monitor your networks . . . from your browser.

  • Use any web browser or mobile device for full control of your networks without onsite controllers
  • An elegant and intuitive interface makes management and monitoring efficient
  • Continuous improvement with ongoing updates and enhancements
  • Free cloud license for the life of the product—no recurring fees

Gain visibility and manage more of the network on the fly.

  • Automatically detect Open Mesh access points and configure seamless roaming settings
  • Debug remotely as if you were on site with more network transparency
  • Drill down from switch ports to connected APs
  • Power cycle PoE-connected devices remotely for fewer truck rolls

A generous PoE budget for flexibility to power all kinds of IP devices.

  • Power phones, access points, cameras and more
  • PoE+ (802.3af/at) up to 30W on all ports with flexibility to power all kinds of IP devices
  • Enough budget to power a 15.4W device simultaneously on every port*
  • Up to 20W on all ports of S8 simultaneously

*Except -L model switches

For any deployment with versatile mounting options.

  • Available in 8, 24 and 48-port versions for deployments everywhere from small offices, retail and restaurants to large hotels, resorts and housing complexes
  • Easily mount on a desktop, wall or rack with an included mounting kit
  • Link site-to-site with available SFP fiber modules

With no competing brand messages on the switches or cloud controller, you get top-of-the-line networks, branded as your own.

  • Professionally brand switches with a dome sticker
  • Customize the cloud controller with your logo, text and colors*
  • Present a seamless experience—all branded as your own

*Additional fee required

Find the right switch for your needs


S Series Switches
PoE Budget Guide

Cloud-managed routing and security, simplified.

Seamlessly manage and monitor entire networks around the world from a single simple dashboard.

Seamlessly Integrate

with Open Mesh access points and switches for more visibility into your network through a single dashboard

Manage Efficiently

with free cloud management to build, manage and monitor all your networks from anywhere

Scale Painlessly 

with zero-touch configuration, making remote deployments easy at scale

Scan or click to rapidly add devices to your network

  • Zero-touch configuration makes it easy to deploy and scale networks
  • Simply connect to power and Internet and the rest is automated
  • Manage and configure networks and devices from anywhere

Gain greater visibility throughout the Open Mesh ecosystem

  • Automatically integrate with Open Mesh access points and switches for full network visibility in a single pane of glass
  • Debug remotely as if you were on site with
  • Drill down from individual ports to connected devices
  • Power cycle PoE-connected devices remotely for fewer truck rolls

Control your devices and networks from any browser or mobile device

  • An intuitive interface, making management and monitoring efficient
  • Manage NAT routing, DHCP server, VPN client and point-to-point, VLAN tagging, Quality of Service and more
  • Benefit from continuous updates with ongoing enhancements
  • Free lifetime cloud license included

A powerful processor and versatile ports to power your devices

  • Quad-core processor with integrated hardware offload engine to run deep packet inspection and QoS and still get near line rate gigabit throughput
  • 4 LAN ports, including 2 passive PoE ports to power A42 or A62 access points directly
  • 1 SFP WAN port and 1 GigE WAN port that support failover mode, so your network keeps running when your primary service provider doesn’t
  • Hardware watchdog to recover from power brownouts and network issues without rolling a truck

Build professional networks, branded as your own

  • Brand routers by adding a decal or debossing your logo into the blank center tab
  • Customize the cloud controller with your logo, text and colors (additional fee applies)
  • Integrate with your software or network monitoring tool through the robust CloudTrax API
  • Present a seamless, professional experience—all branded as your own

A closer look at the G200

  1. 4GB eMMC Flash
  2. 1G DDR3 RAM
  3. 1 USB 3.0 Port
  1. 4 GigE LAN ports
  2. 2 24V passive PoE ports
  3. 1 GigE WAN port
  1. 1 SFP WAN port 
  2. Reset button
  3. Universal 24V, 60W Power Supply
  1. MT7623A Quad-Core ARM
  2. Hardware watchdog

Simplify more of the network with simply smarter routing and security.


G200 Router Datasheet

Déployez du WiFi public en toute sécurité

Déployez des réseaux en conformité avec la loi française anti-terroriste du 23 janvier 2006 qui impose de conserver pendant 1 an les logs de trafic des accès WiFi ouverts au public.

Cette option sous abonnements 1, 3 ou 5 ans comprend l’archivage et la supervision quotidienne de réception des logs de trafic.

Provisioning à distance & sauvegarde centralisée

Le logiciel de récupération des logs de trafic est installé centralement à distance directement dans les points d’accès Wifi Open-Mesh grâce au contrôleur Cloud Open-Mesh (« Cloudtrax »). Ces logs sont ensuite envoyés en temps-réel dans le backoffice Cloud où ils sont supervisés et analysés quotidiennement.

Soyez sereins, les données de trafic qui vous protègent en cas de trafic illégal sur votre réseau Wifi sont conservées en temps-réel sur un Cloud redondé et peuvent être récupérées à tout moment sur simple demande.

Back-office de supervision des logs

Les logs reçus sont supervisés et analysés quotidiennement pour que vous puissiez vous assurer du bon fonctionnement de la solution Wifi et de la réception des logs. Si le logs n’étaient plus reçus pendant 3 jours une notification peut vous être envoyée.

Chaque notification et rapport peuvent être envoyés à plusieurs adresses mail, en différenciant les notifications destinées aux responsables techniques à celles pour la Direction. Le tableau ci-contre indique sur quels profils de contact sont envoyés les mails.

Chaque notification peut être activée/désactivée individuellement.

Rapport mensuel d’utilisation du Réseau Wifi et Gestion du Renouvellement

  • Statistiques individuelles ou multi-site

    Les statistiques envoyées par mail peuvent être faites sur le réseau que vous définissez. Ce peut-être des lieux/réseaux individuels (ex : un seul magasin) ou un ensemble de lieux/réseaux éloignés ou non géographiquement (ex : plusieurs magasins). Ainsi les statistiques de trafic seront soit séparées (1 seul magasin) ou soit cumulées (l’ensemble des magasins).


  • Espace Web Client de supervision dédié

    Vous pouvez à tout moment consulter les statistiques de votre réseau Wifi sur un espace Web dédié. Supervisez le volume de trafic sur votre réseau par types d’applications (streaming/youtube, facebook,…) pour en savoir plus sur les habitudes de consommation web de vos clients. Voyez le nombre d’utilisateurs connectés et le volume de trafic par jour et par heure.


  • Alerte de renouvellement de licences envoyées automatiquement

    Pour que la solution soit simple à gérer administrativement vous êtes averti (et votre client aussi en marque blanche) 1 mois, 1 semaine et le jour de renouvellement de la licence d’abonnement.

Sans limite du nombre d’utilisateurs simultanés !

Avec un abonnement par nombre de points d’accès déployés, la solution permet de conserver TOUS les logs de trafic sans utiliser de restriction sur le nombre d’utilisateurs simultanés qui se connectent au Wifi. Ainsi vous vous assurez que tous les utilisateurs bénéficient d’un service Wifi optimal, même aux heures de pointe.

Un espace Web Client de supervision en temps-réel

Grâce aux rapports mensuels, notifications et alertes vous savez toujours ce qu’il se passe sur votre réseau Wifi.

Mais grâce au portail web dédié vous avez par ailleurs la possibilité de consulter les statistiques d’utilisation de votre réseau en temps-réel. Pour détecter notamment les types de trafics les plus consommateurs de bande-passante, et détecter les utilisateurs les plus consommateurs de bande-passante.

Solution en Marque Blanche

  • Conservez le contrôle de la Relation Client

    Les mails, alertes et l’espace Web Client de consultation des données en temps réel sont envoyés sous votre nom et à vos couleurs pour que vous conserviez le contrôle de la Relation Client et du support.


  • Mails et Alertes​
    • Votre bannière d’en-tête pour que votre marque apparaisse  

    • Vos couleurs utilisées dans les mails pour conserver votre charte graphique

    • Votre nom d’expéditeur configuré sur les mails envoyés

    • Vous êtes en copie de tous les mails pour que toute réponse client éventuelle vous soit destinée

    • Vos informations de contact (adresse, téléphone, mail(s)) apparaissent en bas de mail


  • Espace Web client
    • Votre bannière d’en-tête de page

    • Votre charte graphique

    • Vos coordonnées affichées

Sécurité et Conformité à la législation

  • Données conservées

    Le décret du 24 mars 2006 a créé un nouvel article R.10-13 du CPCE, qui décrit les données à conserver. Il s’agit :

    • des informations permettant d’identifier l’utilisateur: adresse IP et adresse MAC

    • la date et l’horaire de chaque communication

    • des données permettant d’identifier le ou les destinataires de la communication: adresses IP de destination

    Les données ci-dessus sont collectées et archivées ainsi que les adresses MAC des APs.


  • Durée de rétention

    Comme stipulé dans le décret du 24 mars 2006 les données sont conservées pendant un an, durée au-delà de laquelle elles sont automatiquement détruites.

  • Récupération des données

    Les données techniques de connexion peuvent être remises uniquement aux personnes habilitées par la loi à les obtenir, notamment les autorités judiciaires dans le cadre d’une procédure pénale, ou la HADOPI. Cette obligation résulte de la loi de 2001 relative à la sécurité quotidienne ainsi que de la loi de 2006 relative à la lutte contre le terrorisme, et de la loi n° 2009-1311 relative à la protection pénale de la propriété littéraire et artistique sur internet, dite “HADOPI 2”.


  • Datacenter

    Les données de trafic sont réceptionnées et archivées dans un datacenter Européen avec architecture redondante et droits d’accès biométriques pour offrir ce qu’il se fait de mieux en matière de sécurité.

Sécurisez vos réseaux WiFi publics

Traffic Logs Archiving Datasheet for Clients
Traffic Logs Archiving Datasheet for Partners

Location-based WiFi Marketing & Analytics

Develop your digital marketing using WiFi.

Offer visitors secure WiFi with a fast, easy login that simplifies management, while ensuring compliance with local regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Customize every aspect of your guest WiFi to best suit your company and visitor needs.

Easily incorporate guest WiFi into your existing business strategies.

Multiple WiFi Guest Login Options

Sponsor Email WiFi Guest Login

The user will have to provide both his email address and the sponsor’s employee email on the captive portal. The sponsor employee will then receive an email with a link to grant the visitor access to the Guest WiFi, with a chosen duration.

Text Message WiFi Guest Login

The guest provides his details and phone number on the captive portal. He then receives a text message with a code to access the Guest WiFi.

Social Media Login 

Develop your customer database by adding Social Media Login (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,…) authentication to access the free WiFi. Fully customize the splash page, increase your presence on social media and your ranking on Google,  extract KPI data and much more.

Powerful User Analytics

Gain in-depth service analytics to monitor how guest WiFi is being used across all your locations for data-driven operational decisions. Get precious customer information such as demographics, language, country, type of device used, recurring visitors and the time spent in the location.

Export a CSV that you can import into your system, or use the built-in module to segment user information and to create location-based targeted marketing campaigns.

Trafic Analytics

Use location analytics and get actionable insights into visitor behaviors within your locations. Get accurate data on how many people come inside your locations, discover new foot traffic trend, find out where visitors gather and spend most of their time on- site, and how they move within your locations.

Targeted Campaigns

Extend the customer experience and reach the right audience, at exactly the right place and time, and through the right channel. Create targeted campaigns to increase social media presence, survey the satisfaction of customers or offer vouchers and promotions.

Collect and manage the identity of their visitors, in compliance with privacy regulations (for example, GDPR), and unearth in real time the behaviours of identified visitors within their locations to initiate location-based marketing.

Help your clients with Location-based WiFi Marketing

Access Points

OM Series

The OM Series of wireless access points, enclosures and power solutions are ideally suited for providing robust internet coverage just about anywhere you need to share a connection. Each is an access point, mesh gateway and repeater all in one tiny reliable package.

A Series

The A60 has simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless radios with 3×3 MIMO 802.11ac and 6 internal antennas. The A Series combines dual-band high performance with a flexible form factor for enterprise deployments almost anywhere.



S Series 

The S Series is designed to be a plug-and-play switching solution that works seamlessly with Open Mesh access points and CloudTrax, so you can manage an unlimited number of switches, access points and networks around the world.


The G200 Router is a Gigabit router with integrated dynamic Firewall. It provides 4 LAN ports, including 2 PoE, and 2 WAN ports, one SFP and the other Ethernet. It is cloud-managed, giving you multiple possibilities in network monitoring.

One Pager

PoE Budget Guide

Open Mesh – One Pager

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Determining the PoE Budget

This guide indicates the PoE of different Open Mesh appliances, and of other office appliances usually connected to switches to help you determine the PoE Budget needed, in order to better choose switches.

Archivage des Logs de Trafic

Traffic Logs Archiving – Partner Datasheet

Make public Wifi networks more secure. Partner Datasheet.

Traffic Logs Archiving – Client Datasheet

Make public Wifi networks more secure. Client Datasheet